A digital board game where the cards in your hand become units and buildings on the board. With lots of different units and unique abilities for each unit, there are countless strategies to achieve your goals.

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Cardlings is a novel tactical game, with new mechanics that result in fast paced games with no waiting time between turns.

Your goal is to either destroy the enemy castle with any means at your disposal (and there are lots), or fully upgrade your own castle by gathering enough resources.

But this is not a traditional turn-based game. While you play a combat turn, moving your units around and attacking, your opponent plays a building turn: they can place buildings and collect resources. At the end of each turn you switch roles.

Only the player playing a combat turn can decide to end the turn, and it's in their best interest to do so as quickly as possible (to stop their opponent gathering lots of resources). This results in very intense, fast-paced games that still preserve all the depth of more traditional turn-based strategy titles.

Ultimately it's a game of wits where the winner is the player who makes the best use of the cards in their hand and the resources in the procedurally generated maps. You will have to think quickly. Will you be able to defeat the AI on the hardest difficulty level? Will you be brave enough to challenge other human players online?


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