Hyperbolica is a whimsical Non-Euclidean adventure with mind-bending worlds full of games, puzzles, mazes, and secrets! Immerse yourself in reality-warping geometries where lines can never be parallel, horizons are curved, and space grows exponentially.

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#3D퍼즐어드벤처 #초현실적공간왜곡 #VR최적화
Hyperbolica is true Non-Euclidean game full of bizarre landscapes, mind-bending puzzles, oddball characters, and secrets around every corner. Get fully immersed on Desktop or VR.

  • Explore Non-Euclidean worlds
  • First-Person Shooting in a spherical dimension
  • Fly drones in a hyperbolic race
  • Navigate a Non-Euclidean labyrinth
  • Speed skate inside The Infinity Cafe
  • Reach new heights with hyperbolic platforming
  • Ride in a hyperbolic trebuchet and catapult
  • Try hyperbolic speed dating
  • Complete your collection to unlock the secret ending

How is hyperbolic space different?
Hyperbolic space allows exponentially more volume to fit in the same 'space' than you'd normally expect. This allows you to explore enormous areas while taking very little time to walk anywhere. You'll find that building a mental map of your surroundings becomes impossible. Lines can no longer stay parallel. Traversing the map can result in unexpected rotations. And many more strange consequences that will make you question reality. You'll also explore spherical space, which has the opposite outcomes. For example, a reverse-perspective: Objects appear larger the farther away they are.

It's a difficult concept to explain, and first-hand experience really is the best way to understand and build an intuition about these interesting geometries. Hyperbolica was created specifically for this purpose, to break the mold and to have a fun experience in an alternative universe different from our own.


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