Zenith: Nexus

Fight, explore, and lose yourself in an anime-inspired world built for VR. Two action-packed game modes available. How will you use your power?

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Unleash your inner warrior, rise up as an agent of Zenith!

Zenith: Nexus has two action-packed game modes:

Infinite Realms (Free to Play)
Party up with friends in a free online action-adventure RPG! Slash mobs with magic and race across parkour challenges in quick session-based runs. Meet up with other players in the city to upgrade your gear or just hangout and shoot hoops before your next run. Sessions stays fresh with daily and weekly content rotations.

The Last City (DLC)
Play the most popular VR MMO, with hundreds of hours of content including epic boss battles and sick loot + 3 amazing classes to play. Team up with friends to tackle perilous dungeons, compete in PVP, or just explore a gorgeous anime world together.


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