Fish, farm, craft, gather, cook, loot or steal from other players and build a campsite or a village with your friends in an open-world multiplayer sandbox game without rules!

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#온라인생존PvP #무늬만동숲 #얼액유망주

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게임 정보

You have been assigned to travel to Longvinter Island to research everything that makes the island special.

You begin your expedition at one of many research camps around the island. Buy yourself tools, sell the resources you gather, and invest in new and more advanced equipment to compete against fellow researchers.

Key features

  • Hand-crafted open-world - explore, learn and take advantage of the surrounding nature. Learn the best fishing and berry spots and build your camp near them to maximize your income
  • PVP - You're not the only one trying to succeed on the island. Make alliances, defend and conquer new areas you find valuable
  • Building - You can build anywhere you want with anyone you want. Pick a spot for your tent, get yourself a campfire going, and start expanding. Store all your valuables inside the tent, which only you can access
  • Crafting - Instantly combine two or more items into something new at a workbench
  • Farming - Grow food for yourself or sell it to make money
  • Sandbox - Do whatever you want, wherever you want, with whoever you want. There are no rules or tasks. Make the game what you want it to be
  • Trading - Sell your knowledge and rare items to players that are willing to pay for them and make constant money from selling to camp vendors
  • Dedicated Server tools
  • Free content updates


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