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  • Giveaway of the Day Monster Truck Trials: A Review

    The game reminds me of Trials 2: Second Edition, though Trials 2 has far more sophisticated... on the menu it says "Demo". Whiterabbit, you are right. The buggy isn't actually a buggy....

  • Giveaway of the Day Whiterabbit's game recommendations

    8 out of 10 Watch Video Trials 2 Second Edition This is a rag doll style game where you... I’ve just downloaded the Empire Total War demo which I’ve had on pre-order for several...

  • 느끼고, 계획하고, 남기다. (感.計.錄) 게이머즈 목차 (2011.01~2022.12)

    Definitive Edition = 331 2019-10 [SWITCH] 애스트럴 체인 = 183 [Xbox One / PC] 기어스 5 = 227 [PS4... Redemption 2 = 171 [PS4] 영웅전설 섬의 궤적 III (한국어 버전 제3장~종장 공략) = 281 [PS4...

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