The Golden Light Guardian

Save The Mysterious Island! Craft tools, gather resources, and build defenses on a mysterious island. By day, explore and hunt. By night, fight off undead hordes to protect the island's light!

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게임 정보

Embrace the challenge of survival and defense in a vast, open world!

You're stuck on a dark, mysterious island. Gotta find stuff, build things, and protect a special light that keeps scary shadows away. Every few days, a bunch of skeletons attack to destroy light in island. Get ready for a wild adventure!


Gather materials, hunt for food, and manage your health and stamina to stay alive in a hostile environment.

Be Aware of Where you are

Watch out for island monsters roaming the land.

Defend The Island

Build and fortify your defenses strategically to withstand the relentless waves of skeletal attackers.


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윈도우OS 맥OS
액션 어드벤처 인디 RPG 전략
영어*, 프랑스어, 스페인어 - 스페인, 한국어
*음성이 지원되는 언어

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