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  • 戍護天社 草綠男의 공식 가이아 폴리스 - 황금매의 검- { ガイア ポリス...

    일본판 : ガイア ポリス ~ 黃金鷹の劍 ~ 수출판 : Gaiapolis 퍼온 스샷 출처 : 『황폐한 땅』 가이아 폴리스 - 황금매의 검 Hardcore Gaming 101: Gaiapolis download.blog (300×260) 일본판 부제목이 이게 맞나... 일본어 한문 중에...

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  • The Ultimate Judee Sill Primer

    her next album. 5. Judee Sill: “Soldier of the Heart” Another shoulda-been-hit, this upbeat, piano-driven number coins the perfect phrase to describe Sill’s mystic warrior outlook on life...
  • Dreamcatcher is a girl group that cares about more than No. 1s

    “We had the demo version of ‘Vision’ in stock since long before ‘Maison,’” said... for warrior-like anthems about protecting the environment, they’ve also become conscious in their...

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