DayZ Soundtrack

Dive into the eerie world of DayZ with its official soundtrack by Czech composer Dikolson. Available on Steam, it features 10 original tracks, designed to enhance the DayZ experience.

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DayZ Official Soundtrack: A Journey through Survival

Immerse yourself in the hauntingly beautiful world of DayZ with its official soundtrack now available on Steam as a downloadable content (DLC). This collection of sounds is more than just background music; it's a deep dive into the soul of DayZ, brought to life by the incredibly talented Czech composer Dikolson. With a runtime of 25 minutes and 46 seconds, the soundtrack features 10 original tracks meticulously composed to enhance your experience of the game's unforgiving world.

This digital soundtrack is available in both MP3 and lossless FLAC formats, allowing you to experience the eerie calm and sudden adrenaline rushes of DayZ anywhere and anytime. Each track has been carefully selected and remixed from the in-game music to ensure that they stand out as a unique listening experience on their own, delivering the full emotional impact that fans of the game have come to love.

Behind the Music: From the DayZ Team and Dikolson

After years of requests, Bohemia Interactive knew it was time to bring the auditory aspect of DayZ to life. To accomplish this, the significant task of creating the game's soundtrack was entrusted to Dikolson, a name already celebrated within the realms of experimental electronic music. Not only does Dikolson bring a rich history of album releases and worldwide performances to the table, but his collaboration on multimedia projects and with the band Khoiba alongside Ema Brabcová showcases his versatility and creativity in music composition.

The inception of DayZ's soundtrack started with a clear vision from Adam Franců, the Creative Lead, who envisioned dark ambient tones. This initial direction laid the groundwork for what would become a meticulously crafted auditory experience.


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