CountDown is a casual, semi-idle tower-defense rogue-like. Waves of enemies are advancing, it's your job to bolster your city, or rather, ammunition, and wipe them out. Will you rise to the challenge, or let your city crumble?

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Prepare for a thrilling subterranean adventure in CountDown, a casual pixel-art rogue-like that puts you in control of an omnipotent GLOVE GOD! Set in a charming underground village, devoid of light, you are the last bastion between your townsfolk and the encroaching hoards of mutated fauna. As night falls, your duty is to defend your people, by any means necessary. Will you rely on your "trained" soldiers, or will you unleash your god-like strength to turn the buildings, objects, and even citizens into projectiles to hurl at the oncoming threats?

Delve further into the depths of this chasm to gather resources from the flora which can further fortify your defenses. You'll encounter five unique enemy types in the demo, culminating in an epic boss battle! So don't wait, immerse yourself in the brief yet exhilarating experience of CountDown now!

For any issues or further inquiries about the game, please check out the community discord! There's also information posted here frequently about upcoming updates, as well as sneak peaks at future additions.


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    Episode IV 8.Countdown(초읽기) 난이도: 매우 어려움새로운 유닛: 없음새로운 건물: 없음 ※스타크래프트는 기본적으로 해상도가 640x480으로 고정되어 있어서 스크린샷이 다소 작습니다. 스토리 여태까지 프로토스는...

  • 엠넷 공식블로그 [엠카비긴즈/13회 하이라이트] "M! COUNTDOWN _ 2NIGHTS IN...

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