Wonder World

This is a real-time strategy game where you can command the Little Glutinous Legion to fight against hostile forces. The characteristics are controlled by genes, and there are trillions of combinations. The game includes three modes, and Little Glutinous welcomes you to their world.

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This is a real-time strategy game, with the main character being "little glutinous" in different colors. The characteristics of little glutinous are controlled by genes. Combining skill levels, there are theoretically trillions of different combinations of characteristics, combined with the starting lineup and reinforcement lineup, which is truly diverse and similar to the real world.

Although it is fair to have the same "characters" on both sides, there are significant differences between the players on both sides in real football matches. The uncertainty of team composition, strong and weak teams, and growth are all fascinating factors. We hope this game will bring you a different experience.

Main mode "Battle": 2-10 teams engage in melee on maps of different sizes to defeat all enemies, or you can challenge and achieve victory without any action. Little glutinous have their own ideas.
Unlike most real-time strategy games, this mode currently does not have the concept of "building", forget to build a house, and fight to the fullest.
How to create soldiers?Just play and you'll know.

The leisure mode includes two small games, one is guarding the home and the other is sweeping mines.
Guarding the homeland, as the name suggests, defend against the attacks of N-wave enemies.
There is a special reward for a certain difficulty level in each mode, perhaps only minesweeper can achieve it in the early stage, after all, it does not require strong glutinous, only your smart brain.

Strategy games test the overall perspective and micro operations, it's up to you.


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