Dice 'n Goblins

Explore a mysterious dungeon in this dungeon-crawler RPG. Fight with dice in turn based combat. Use your skills to make combos and beat bad luck. Loot, buy and upgrade your equipment to build a dice pool able to fend your foes, monsters and humans alike!

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Explore a mysterious dungeon in this dungeon-crawler RPG.

You are Gobby, a small goblin wanting to find an exit from this seemingly infinite dungeon. But beware! Deadly traps, mad monsters, and even humans infest the labyrinth. Worse, it seems the place is only growing!


Explore 12 interconnected levels with classic grid-like controls. Walk, run, jump, swim, take stairs and fall across different floors! Meet a varied cast of inhabitants and maybe make some friends.


Fight with your dice in turn-based combat. Luck is not something you can rely on. Only your skills will lead you to victory. Loot, buy, and upgrade your dice pool and skills to make powerful combos.


- 12 levels with verticality
- Optional Automap
- Fixed Roaming Monsters
- Endless combinations: Different dice, different combos, different bonuses
- Change your dice pool at any moment, and adapt your tactics to the challenge.
- A cast of charming characters, in an impossible world


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