Dive into DrainSim and seize control of the floods! Clear the city's submerged streets, with a huge range of different tools from rakes to submersible pumps. Embrace the satisfaction of restoring the water flow. Become the city's hero, one drain at a time.

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게임 정보

Day-Night cycle and realistic water physics!

Plan your Mission!

For each mission, you'll receive crucial intel in advance and must carefully plan the tools you want to bring. Consider the time of day, type of terrain, and distance from your generator to your electric tools. Working late into the evening? Don't forget floodlights! Need to drain multiple areas simultaneously? Bring extra pumps and generators! Is there digable Ground? Better bring a Shovel!

With each mission success, you'll earn recognition and unlock new tools and upgrades to boost your drainage capabilities.

Loads of different tools and unique Levels

Armed with an assortment of drain-clearing tools and equipment, from your trusty rake to water pumps, you'll tackle every challenge with precision and skill. From casual players to seasoned pros, DrainSim offers an engaging experience for all who seek the satisfaction of restoring order to the city's drainage system. So dive in, roll up your sleeves, and let DrainSim flush away your concerns one drain at a time.


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