RAGE: Anger Management

Step into the exhilarating world of *Rage*, where you smash everything in sight and gather heaps of gold coins and treasures. Perfect for unwinding after a long day or taking a break from intense gaming, Rage offers satisfying gameplay that lets you release pent-up energy in a fun-filled adventure!

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The Realm of Rage was a secret place, hidden from the eyes of mortals and gods alike. It was created by an ancient wizard, whose name was lost to time, as a sanctuary for himself and his fellow adventures. There, they could unleash their anger and frustration on anything they desired, without fear of consequences or death.
RAGE was a paradise for those who sought to vent their emotions and test their skills. They could smash, burn, freeze, or destroy anything they wanted, without harming anyone or anything in the real world. They could not die in the realm, as the wizard’s magic would heal them and restore them to life.

However, they could still feel pain, and lose their items or memories, if they were not careful. RAGE was also a source of mystery and adventure, as the wizard had hidden many secrets and challenges in it. That rewarded the clever and the brave. There were also rare and powerful items, spells, and creatures, that could only be found or obtained in the realm of RAGE. Some of these were gifts from the wizard, while others were stolen or borrowed from other worlds.
RAGE was a wonder and a danger, as the wizard was not always benevolent or sane.

The realm of Rage, is the ultimate playground for the anyone looking to unleash your anger and relieve stress and experience destruction with out consequences.

- Rage does away with frustration and goes back to basics with 4 devastating attacks for each character.
- Collect coins, gems, and more by smashing everything in sight.
- Unlock new characters and upgrades by visiting the shop.
- Unique gameplay in that there is no health bar, beat levels by reducing your rage bar in order to summon and defeat the bosses!


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