STEM Defense

Battle microscopic threats in 'STEM Defense', a hex-grid tower defense adventure using the power of the Immune System. Face waves of pathogens, unlock powerful Cells and Upgrades, Evolve your defenses and prepare for a microscopic battle of survival!

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About This Game

"STEM Defense" immerses yourself in a strategic battle within the human body, where you manipulate pathways and tower placements on a dynamic hexagonal grid. This educational tower defense game teaches players about the immune system through engaging gameplay, focusing on the defense against microscopic invaders.

Key Features

Path Expansion: Dynamically extend the pathways pathogens travel to strategically shape each level and increase the effectiveness of your defenses.

Tower Placement Strategy: Strategic placement of your towers is essential. Elevate your towers to gain damage bonuses, crucial for optimizing defense effectiveness.

Mutation-Based Upgrades: Enhance your defenses through epigenetic modifications, providing temporary boosts, and genetic mutations for permanent enhancements. This mirrors real-life biological defense mechanisms.

Experience and Genetic Enhancements: Gain experience to unlock advanced defensive capabilities and permanent genetic upgrades, enhancing your ability to combat pathogens.

Varied Enemy Types: Encounter diverse pathogens, each with unique abilities. Develop strategies to handle enemies that can regenerate, accelerate, or spawn additional threats.

Endless Replayability: With a multitude of genetic enhancements and adaptive enemy tactics, each game offers new challenges and decisions, ensuring unique experiences with every playthrough.

Coming Soon: Acquired immunity mechanics!!

Support Independent Development

As a solo developer not well-versed in the art of social media, I rely on the support of players like you. If you've enjoyed "STEM Defense", please help spread the word and make it known to others!


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