"CORPSE-58" is a slow-motion bullet hell shooting game by UnderDoor. Players become human weapons created through clone and genetic engineering technologies, tasked with destroying former allies turned into 'corpses'.

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게임 정보

『CORPSE58』 is a slow-motion bullet hell shooting game by UnderDoor. Players become human weapons created through cloning and genetic engineering technologies, and must destroy their former comrades who have turned into 'corpse.'

Slow Motion

Players, with a gun embedded in their left hand and extreme dynamic visual acuity, use their abilities to put the corpses to rest.

Battle Against Corpses

The powerful corpses will attack the player with various assaults. Dodge bullets, sometimes destroy them, and withstand the enemies' fierce attacks.

Challenge the High Difficulty!

The game offers a hard mode where enemies are stronger and a restriction mode where slow motion cannot be used. Players who find the normal difficulty too easy should take on the challenge. Hardcore players can aim for a complete clear in the hard mode with restrictions!

Streaming Policy

Streaming and broadcasting of this game are allowed regardless of whether it is for profit or the nature of the entity (individual or corporate).


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6700 원

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액션 인디
일본어, 영어

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