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In this 2D pixel RPG, 24 navigate battles, puzzles, and quests in a war-torn world devoid of color. Your choices dictate the non-linear plot, with multiple endings and an open world hanging in the balance. Will you bring back color as the savior or succumb to darkness?

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Step into a world where every moment counts, and the line between light and shadow is as thin as the hands on a clock. 24 immerses you in a 2D pixel RPG filled with battles, logic puzzles, quests, and a gripping, non-linear plot. In this demo, experience the first steps of a journey where your choices alter the very fabric of your path.

In a land torn by an enigmatic war, peculiar creatures and malevolent forces have cast a grayscale pallor over existence. Lives extinguished, people enslaved, and a world drained of vibrant hues – the consequences are clear.

Your mission is profound: return color to this world or succumb to the seductive call of shadows. 24 weaves a tale of human resilience, unraveling stories of those thrust into the heart of a dark storm.

In the demo, control the destinies of Anna with distinct skills and divergent plotlines. The narrative is intricately non-linear, ensuring every decision reverberates. Choices are catalysts for multiple endings, shaping an open world teeming with consequence.

Engage in battles, solve intricate logic puzzles, and embark on quests revealing untold stories. Beware – losing lives signals game over, urging caution through the treacherous path of 24.

24 isn't just a game; it's a journey through hearts and souls caught in a relentless storm. Be the beacon of hope, bringing back colors, or embrace the darkness. The choices are yours, and the clock is ticking.

This demo offers a glimpse into the full features and story that will be unveiled soon. Join us in the early stages of this adventure and help shape the future of 24.


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