A procedural mystery game where you play as the detective to solve a murder case. Find hidden clues, solve logical puzzles and freely interrogate the suspects in a game populated with AI characters who'll answer dynamically to your questions.

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Unravel a Murder Mystery Among AI Characters

Are you ready to solve a chilling murder case, detective? Mr. Hamilton has been murdered in his mansion just a few hours ago. It's up to you to sift through the evidence and identify the killer from among seven suspects residing within the house.

Freely Interrogate Suspects to Advance Your Investigation

Engage with the mansion's inhabitants and interrogate them to build your case. These dynamic AI characters process your questions in real time, responding in a manner consistent with their personalities. Be alert— the true perpetrator will not easily confess.

Discover Hidden Clues to Challenge the Suspects' Alibis

Delve into the mansion's nooks and crannies to uncover evidence that either corroborates your suspicions or clears a suspect's name. Your investigative skills are key to piecing together the truth.

Solve Logical Puzzles to Reveal Secret Insights

Combine pieces of evidence and solve intricate puzzles to unlock the mansion’s deepest secrets and bring the murderer to justice.

Introducing CLUAIDO

CLUAIDO is an innovative demo from Gamer Tool Studio, showcasing a procedural mystery game where interactions between players and NPCs are driven by advanced autonomy within a meticulously crafted environment. This demo spotlights the game's fundamental mechanics, offering a glimpse into the potential of self-operating game worlds. Our aim with CLUAIDO is to lay the groundwork for expansive, fully autonomous universes. As we refine and enhance this concept, we envision expanding the mysterious realm into an extensive detective universe. Here, players will encounter numerous cases to crack and manage a team of detectives in a rich, evolving police procedural setting.

Join Our Community of Autonomous World Creators

This is just the beginning, and there's a vast frontier ahead of us. For those who share our fervor for autonomous worlds, we invite you to join our journey. Engage with us and fellow enthusiasts on our Discord channel as we explore this uncharted territory together. Let’s collaborate, innovate, and build captivating worlds that push the boundaries of digital storytelling.


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