Weaponry (Experimental)

A fast-paced 1v1 randomized FPS game.

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게임 정보

Weaponry is a fast-paced online 1v1 shooter game where the first one to reach 5 rounds or 2 rounds in overtime wins. With the ability to slide, dash, and sprint, this game offers exceptional mobility while paired up with seven unique weapons, making each round feel different from the last. What makes this game stand out is that with each round, you'll receive a different weapon, calling upon your ability to adapt and improvise to prevail over your opponent.

  • Seven Weapons
  • 1 map (currently)
  • Ranked (in development)
  • Practice Mode


W - Move forward
S - Move backward
A - Move Left
D - Move Right
Left Control - Slide
E - Dash


Left Click - Shoot
Right Click - Aim
R - Reload


G+1 - Dance
Tab - Open leaderboard
Esc - Open main settings


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윈도우OS 맥OS
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