Loud Run

"Loud Run" is a 2-12 player fun multiplayer game. The Chaser tries to catch all the Runners within the range of their voice. When the Chaser runs out of breath, it's the Runners' turn to take down the Chaser. Prepare your breath; a looooong adventure awaits you!

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"Loud Run" is an exciting multiplayer online adventure! Set across various maps, this competitive game pits players as either Runners or Chasers. The main objective is for the Chaser to catch the Runners, or for the Runners to take down the Chaser. Invite your friends or join a server to embark on this thrilling adventure!

Key Features:

2-12 Player Multiplayer Experience:
Engage in fun and competitive matches with friends or players from around the world. Each match revolves around the Runners developing strategies to evade the Chaser, while the Chaser strives to catch the Runners.

Surprise Chaser Selection:
At the start of the game, one player is randomly chosen as the Chaser and begins in a safe zone. The other players must implement strategic plans to stop the Chaser and survive.

Strategic Mechanics:
When the Chaser attacks, they must shout. While shouting, their breath gradually depletes. Once their breath is completely exhausted or they stop shouting, the Runners can damage the Chaser. However, while the Chaser is shouting, the only option for the Runners is to run! This dynamic requires players to constantly adjust their strategies and work as a team.

Scoring System:
If the Runners catch the Chaser off guard and manage to defeat them, each surviving Runner earns 1 star. If you are the Chaser and successfully catch all the Runners, you win the game and earn 1 star. As rounds progress, the first player to reach the predetermined number of stars achieves individual victory.

"Loud Run" offers a fun and exciting experience filled with strategic thinking and surprises. Prepare yourself for this thrilling school adventure and enjoy the game!


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