Yurei: The Demo

Yurei is a stand alone experience to give you a taste of what's to come. You'll have to explore and find a way to escape your neighbours house after you entered it during a storm. This is one of many homes you'll explore in the main game, lets see if you can escape her and figure out what happened.

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Yurei is a horror experience that will have you exploring one of your neighbours homes in the village you have moved to. There will be a clear objective to leave once you enter and realise things are not quite right, and a clear threat. This teaser for the main game will not hold your hand and will leave you to explore and discover not only how to leave but what happened there.

The demo is only one of the homes you can explore in the main game but will still take around 30-45 minutes to complete.

This is a walking sim horror experience like the main game but may have different lighting options and less polish than the main game, so please bare in mind this demo is not a full reflection of the experience the main game will have or its level of detail.


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