Crypto Skoof Tycoon

Click on the sloppy guy, earn money and spend it on increasing your media influence and reputation to become a real crypto scammer. Decorate your table with the most valuable artifacts. Get rich from promises and become the blogger you hate so much!

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Crypto Skoof Tycoon is a clicker game where you click on the sloppy guy and earn money, that you can spend on upgrading your media and reputation, as well as on purchasing new items for your desktop.


The path of sca... I was going to say a rich and successful person always starts with small steps that last a lifetime. Every step along the way requires courage, determination and the ability to outwit idiots, those who believe in technological innovation and see blockchain as the future. There is no room for doubt - only the determined warming up the buzzers.

Game Features

  • Tap on the guy to make him work harder and bring you more money
  • Increase your visibility in the media by buying bots, collaborating, create your own cryptocurrency, do whatever it takes to let the world know about you!
  • Feel like a crypto scammer
  • Buy new artifacts for your desktop

Your path to success starts today. Invest in your future... For only 1 bottle of beer, you can purchase full access to a private course in my academy on financial literacy and the luxurious life of the crypto investor. Hurry, the promotion won't last forever!


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