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An enchanting 2D pixel art platformer with an engaging story, starring a brave kid, their trusty umbrella, and Sumerian demons. It features a unique mechanic where players face challenges in pitch-dark, rainy environments, illuminated by lightning bolts they can control.

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Devil's Drizzle is a captivating 2D pixel art platformer that follows the story of a brave kid on a quest to retrieve their trusty umbrella, navigating through dark, rainy landscapes while encountering sumerian demons.

It introduces a unique gameplay mechanic where players tackle challenges in fully darkened, rainy environments, lit only by lightning bolts they can wield.

It's a cute-yet-dark game set in a fantasy world, with a lore full of exciting and challenging moments. Featuring diverse mechanics of classic platformers:

  • Double jump
  • Dash
  • Scene illumination
  • Enemies
  • Collectible items
  • Alternate endings

And various styles of stages, such as:

  • Classic platforming
  • “Vehicle” stages
  • “Flying” stages
  • “Freefall” stages
  • “Chase” stages
  • Boss fights


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