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  • ‘El Camino’: What to Remember 6 Years After ‘Breaking Bad’

    Judging by the trailer, the movie introduces a bunch of new characters and brings back a few... a ruse to ensure that the couple would do as they were told. Pete and Badger also revealed to...
  • Their Show Flew Under the Radar. TikTok Blew It Up.

    Ronald could have discovered the ruse; the actors playing the other jurors could have broken... A trailer put out by Freevee didn’t cause much of a splash, but then one of the show’s writers...
  • 2 Charged in Attacks on Substations in Washington State

    a ruse so that the men could burglarize a local business. The men, Matthew Greenwood, 32, and... Greenwood inside a fifth-wheel trailer outside a home, according to court documents. Inside the...
  • The Woman on the Bridge

    In 2014, when she shared a trailer with Mr. Dion in New York State, a passer-by heard the sound... MacDonald came up with the idea of a ruse interview. Chatting with the agents in his parents’...
  • A ‘Crisis’ Brings Together Many DC Comics Heroes

    the ruse. In the comics, Supergirl died in Crisis No. 7, to save her cousin Superman. (She later... A trailer shows a glimpse of him on the Kent family farm, approached by another, younger...

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