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  • The Devil’s Bath’ Review: Madwoman in the Cottage

    excited about her marriage to Wolf (David Scheid), a stout, jovial young man who moves his new... of all the despair. Instead, we’re left with a chilling matter-of-factness as blunt as a...
  • What American Literature’s Prophetic Voices Tell Us About Ourselves

    his damnation and a profound act of grace. Such grace is not meek resignation to injustice and... What about the Trail of Tears and the smallpox blankets? What might all of that mean to a nation...
  • The Power of a Good Cry

    of damnation. “Broadcast News” is the great American movie about crying. Holly Hunter plays... Clinton about how she manages it all, and the tears came, along with a debate that boiled down...
  • [Herald Review] ‘Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days’ tries too hard

    in the trials to evade eternal damnation and Haewonmak and Deok-choon’s quarrels with Seong... It feels like the film has to justify every bad deed of all the characters, and ends up making some...
  • 마블영화에 나온 록음악들

    Can he walk at all, 그는 걸을 수는 있을까, Or if he moves will he fall? 아니면 움직이면 넘어질까? Is he... Roll Damnation" Young, Young, Bon Scott Powerage (1978) 3 "Guns for Hire" Young, Young, Johnson Flick of the Switch (1983) 4...

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