Just Cause 2 Freedom and Chaos Trailer

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  • Informed Comment War, Trauma, and Forgetting

    oligarchy” andfreedom the guiding principle of democracy”. But when “freedom”... who cause suffering, since they too will inevitably suffer from the results of their...

  • DAISY English Because of Winn-Dixie vocabularies 1

    2. The dog leaned over him, real __________________, and licked his face. “Please,” said the manager. “Somebody call the pound.” 3. “Sit,” I told him when we got to my trailer. He...

  • 김진호의 세계읽기 기시다 미 의회 연설-Global Partners for the Future(0411)

    Not just for our people, but for all people. I am not saying this out of my strong attachment to America. I am an idealist but a realist, too. The defense of freedom, democracy, and the...

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