MOH: Experience - Part 2

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  • There and Then MOH Experience Part 2 - "Gunfighters"

    하늘에서 기관포가 떨어집니다. 쉣. 역시 돈이 많으면 RPG-7맞고도 싸우는 헬기를 만드는군!

  • Up in the clouds 토익스피킹 독학 4일 공부법/시험 복기/PART5공략/종로YBM센터

    my experience, when I was young, 과거 경험 한문장~2문장 It was very important / helpful / beneficial / great/ fun and entertaining/ for me. Because I’m a ~~ person On top of that/ second, 예시 2 if 질문 copy according to a recent news...

  • Crix의 인크레시아 TOEIC Speaking - VI. Part 5 공략

    이유를 2~3가지 생각해 내어야 한다.(Part 2하듯이 영어로 문장 짤 생각하지말고... But, I don't have enough experience for this work. So, I want you to participate in this interview and give an advice for...

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