The RACE On expansion includes all the cars and circuits from the epic WTCC 2008 season. It also adds a massive selection of US Muscle cars and circuits to the mix

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RACE On brings you the epic WTCC 2008 season down to the smallest detail and now YOU get the chance to show the world who the real champion is.
The RACE On Expansion Pack includes the Iconic Detroit Muscle cars suited for those who like to lay down lots of rubber power sliding out of corners on the rev limiter. Enough torque to drag the moon off orbit, full opposite lock and a big grin on your face. Or you can try your hand at the Formula Masters, a top of the line open wheel series, offering you even more speed and action than ever before. Extreme cornering speeds and simulated g-forces make this a true driver’s car.
But RACE On is not just new cars, it also features brand new American tracks in SimBin quality and it comes with a hefty update of existing tracks to 2008 standard. With RACE ON comes 5 brand new tracks all recreated down to minute detail.

Key Features

  • 10 unique car models in 7 different classes
  • 5 new tracks
  • Various real life championships including their accurate regulations
  • Multiplayer, up to 25 AI or real players online
  • Ghost racing against your own lap time or against those of your friends


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영어, 프랑스어, 독일어, 이탈리아어, 스페인어 - 스페인

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  • edenM Race07 Laguna Seca Circuit

    이 트랙은 Race ON에 수록된 트랙 입니다. 달려보면 스즈카 처럼 공략을 해볼만한 트랙 입니다. 다운로드 : http://me2.do/5rAYxojG <-----N드라이브 공유 압축은 7-zip으로 푸세요 압축 풀고 GameData...

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