Gravewood High

An infinitely replayable stealth horror game set in high school. Try to escape alone or with up to five friends as you navigate destructible environments and randomized level layouts. Face off against a smart AI opponent that develops new abilities the more you play.

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Several students have gone missing at Gravewood High and none of the adults seem to have noticed. Figure out what is behind the madness permeating the school walls in the story campaign. Play with up to five friends in the co-op mode as you try to escape. But there are three problems. One - the building has turned into a deadly labyrinth that constantly shifts and changes. Two - you are being chased by the Teacher, a crazed overlord of this place.Three - not all of your friends can be trusted!


  • Story mode. Play the first 2 sections of the single-player campaign for free, which can be continued after purchasing the full version of the game. Plunge into the atmosphere of several iconic periods of history - from the wild 80s to the American Civil War.

  • Online co-op up to 6 players. Work with others to find a way out of the school or betray them and escape alone. The co-op mode also includes new challenges: a dance room, a ventilation system with circular saws and many more fun and deadly puzzles.

  • Dynamic environment. The school’s interior, including items and puzzle locations, changes between matches and the environment can be destroyed by both the players and the Teacher, creating a tense and unique adventure.

  • Smart opponent. Meet the Teacher or, as some of you may know him, Mr. Hyde. This relentless AI opponent will track you down and set up traps even in seemingly safe corners of the school.

  • Unique titles. Earn titles after each co-op session, such as “Teacher's Little Helper”. Be recognized for your achievements and gameplay style!


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