One Last Raid

An arena based roguelike action RPG where you play as a skeleton warrior, who fights waves of enemies with diverse abilities. Each run you create a unique build by selecting different skills on each level up and picking up loot from fallen enemies.

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게임 정보

Run Structure

  • 60 seconds per round
  • Loot a chest with items after surviving a round
  • Every 5th round is a boss level
  • Enemies get stronger and smarter each round
  • Unique randomized waves for every new run


  • Collect XP for defeating enemies
  • Level up to upgrade your abilities
  • Find items to increase your stats
  • 5 different item rarities
  • Item rolls increase with enemy level


가격 히스토리

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요약 정보

액션 RPG
영어*, 독일어*
*음성이 지원되는 언어

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