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  • ENDURANCE. 나는 아직도 산을 오르고 잇다. 아시아인 유일.Explorers - Amazing Tales of the World's...

    If you are interested in world's greatest adventures, check out the book via the link below.

  • hyunsudo님의 블로그 reading 2012 -The Amazing Adventures Of Phoenix Jones

    They're around the world, as far as Australia France, Italy although I don't think we have one in South Korea. But these RLSH are not what they think they are. The police's opinion of...

  • Marginal REVOLUTION - Small Steps Toward A Much Better World Can we survive deculturation?– Olivier Roy’s *The...

    Frankly, most of the world is already used to the idea of code-switching. You have one language you use in official or cross-cultural communication ("official" English, which is still...

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