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  • Not Just Any Bag

    a demo company,” Mr. Dabagh said. “They’ll go into a building to clean it out and be like, ‘We just found these boxes and piles of plastic that haven’t been separated. Do you want them?...
  • Apple Might Throttle Vision Pro Performance Depending on Battery Conditi...

    Additionally, you may now choose between in-store pickup and demo sessions. After the release of... could cause the Vision Pro's performance to degrade. These include slower wireless speeds...
  • Brenda Lee, a Queen of Christmas and So Much More

    cause they were good. They were done with people that loved what they did.” Still, she added, there’s plenty of talent in Nashville today — “it’s oozing” — and she’s just glad she...
  • What We Lose When ChatGPT Sounds Like Scarlett Johansson

    Those who watched the live demo from OpenAI, the company that makes ChatGPT, were quick to note... or cause you to feel inadequate. She wants you to feel good. She wants to make sure you’re OK...
  • The Enduring Appeal of Magical Mystery Musicians

    “Jasmine (Demo)” Bonus tracks New newsletter alert! Madison Malone Kircher, whose story about Taylor Swift merch I linked to in last week’s Amplifier, has just introduced a weekly missive...

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