Crisis Wing

Frantic vertically scrolling arcade shoot'em up (shmup).

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#토아플랜맛 #90년대오락실감성 #탄막슈팅
Crisis Wing is a mid-90’s style arcade shoot’em up (shmup) game with frantic fast-paced gameplay and colorful pixel graphics.

  • Blaze through 7 challenging stages, beat hordes of smaller enemies and face enormous bosses - solo or co-op.
  • Score-attack and Boss Rush bonus games with unique levels and bosses.
  • Beautiful pixel graphics and rocking FM soundtrack.
  • Practice mode to practice and re-play stages with infinite lives.
  • Screen rotation support to take full benefit from rotatable displays.
  • CRT filter support for real old-school pixel crunchiness.

App Version 1.1.5 - Dec 5, 2023
See patch notes:


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